Friday, February 26, 2016

Wrong Reasons to Marry

Marriage is a serious commitment and yet so many people are willing to jump the gun without really thinking about what they're saying yes to. But often times, people do it for all the wrong reasons and it ends up leading to a bitter marriage or even divorce.

If you're going to marry someone, do it for the right reasons and not solely for the the reasons below!

Peer pressure

Whether it's your friends or family members, don't let them push you into get married. The next time they ask you and your man when you plan to get married, reply with any of these cute responses instead!

You Are Getting Older

Yes, yes, the infamous biological clock is ticking away and reminding you that you are running out of time. But, you should know that once you are in a bad marriage, you would be so much worse off and wished you had waited for the right person as opposed to settling for the wrong person because you think time was running out.

For financial security

If you marry a man for his health insurance or financial status, chances are, your relationship won't last very long. Marriages that are built on materialism have weak and shallow foundations and crumble at the first sign of adversity.

It’s the next step.

So you and your man have been together for years. What’s next? Wedding bells? Not all the time. Being in a long-term relationship does not guarantee a happy marriage. If you feel like you have to marry your man as opposed to wanting to marry him, you've got a problem.

To Get Over An Ex

Did you just hear that your ex has gotten married? Did you just go through a terrible break-up and you think jumping into a lifetime commitment will heal your broken heart? Well, this is really wrong. When you do eventually get over the ex (and you will) all you would be left with is a partner you do not love and the feeling of total regret.

A baby is on the way

A baby bump does not require marriage. If you and your boyfriend are ready for that kind of serious commitment, then by all means, go on with the wedding. Don’t make decisions at the spur of the moment though. Your child will need a stable and loving home, and if you and your man can’t provide that in the long run, then it’s better to make other arrangements.

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