Wednesday, February 24, 2016

25 Reasons Why Your Mother is Your First and Best Friend for Life

MOTHER. One word, thousands of memories and endless emotions. 
Is there a person who you trust more than a woman who dedicated her life to you, the woman who is your first teacher, your strongest supporter, but also your fiercest critic? 

Sure, you have many friends, but none of them knows you better than the person who brought you into this world and none of them are fighting for your happiness as your mother.  
Stop searches for trusted friends because the trusted one is right under your roof.

1. She fell in love with you the moment you were born, but so did you. When you were born your mother found her soul mate and swore to be by your side forever. 
2. She knows your thoughts even if you don’t say anything. 
3. She is the only one who can handle your insults and anger. If anyone knows how to forgive, that is your mother. 
4. She is your biggest supporter. Even if she is not physically by your side, she is always there for you, and knowing that gives you strength. 
5. She always gives you the right advice, even though she knows you will do what you want. 
6. She always pus you and your life first. Her love for you is unconditional. 
7. She is convinced that you are the best at what you do, and she tells the rest of the world to. 
8. She doesn’t mind sharing her clothes and fashion accessories with you. 
9. She always answers her phone when you call her regardless of where she is. 
10. You call her every time life puts you on a test. 
11. You call her when life is really beautiful. 
12. She knows exactly what you want and she will do everything for you to get it. 
13. She knows all your sympathies and boyfriend since you were a child to present day. 

14. She helps you when nobody else is there for you. She is there for the good and the bad moments. 
15. She cares for you like nobody else does. 
16. She is the right person if you want to gossip and to tell her your secrets. 
17. She is always honest with you about the way your clothes fit on you. 
18. She is the only one who has been honest with you about giving up your dream of becoming a singer because you sing awfully or becoming a doctor because you can’t stand the sight of blood. 
19. Your mother knows more about your health than you know yourself. 
20. She supports you even though she knows you are wrong. 
21. You can talk to her about everything, absolutely everything. 
22. She often reminds you that you are the most beautiful person in the world. 
23. She is your partner in crime and your support. 
24. With every year that passes, the bond between you becomes stronger and stronger. 
25. Simply, she understands you. 
So, is there a better friend than  your mother?

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