Monday, February 22, 2016

Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast

Stretch marks are the off-coloured stripes or streaks formed on the skin as a result of swift stretching of skin or weight changes. They mainly appear on abdomen due to pregnancy or obesity. In dermatology, they are termed as Striae. They are formed due to hormonal changes related to pregnancy, puberty, hormone replacement therapy, etc. Stretch marks can be commonly seen on waist, thighs, lower backs, hips, breasts, arms, and buttocks. How are these stretch marks formed? The skin of the human body consists of three main layers: 

~ Epidermis (the outer layer)
~ Dermis (the middle layer)
~ Hypodermic (the deepest and third layer) 

When the connective tissue is stretched due to the expansion and contraction of skin, the stretch marks starts developing on the dermis or the middle layer of the skin. With the stretch in skin, the collagen gets weak, and the elastin fibres start tearing. Due to this, its normal production cycle gets damaged or interrupted. This results in the formation of fine scars under the epidermis or the top layer of the skin. Initially, they appear red or pink, but gradually, they turned into thin silvery line.
Stretch marks can make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable about your appearance. Fortunately, there are several natural ways to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter treats very well the stretch marks and is also very good at preventing them from appearing. Apply cocoa butter once a day on the affected areas and you will notice the healing process and the result. You will have less visible stretch marks with less effort.

Aloe Vera

By applying Aloe Vera gel every morning on your stretch marks you will see amazing results, the stretch marks will slowly start to fade. Aloe Vera is one of the most commonly used home treatment with highly healing properties.

Egg Whites

Eggs are a rich source of protein. For stretch marks, you want to use only the egg whites, which contain amino acids and proteins. Whip the whites of two eggs gently with a fork. Clean the affected skin area with water and then apply a thick layer of egg whites with a makeup brush. Allow the egg whites to dry completely and then rinse the area with cold water. Finally apply some olive oil on the skin to keep it moisturized.

Vitamin E

Like in many other cases, home-made remedies can greatly vary from one person to other. Vitamin E is one of the remedy that many women say it has magical results. All you have to do is to apply daily on your affected areas and the stretch marks will gradually start to fade. You can also use soap with Vitamin E and it will have the same effect.

Glycerine and Lemon

Lemon is rich in citrus acid. Put 1-2 drops of glycerine in lemon. Rub the lemon on the affected area gently. Repeat the process two times a day. It will not only reduce the stretch marks, but will also keep your skin moisturized.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is helpful in preventing scars on dermis. Vitamin K is present in green vegetables, like cabbage, spring onions, pickled cucumber, etc. Make a salad of all these vegetables and consume it daily to get rid of stretch marks.

Lavender Oil

It is really hard to make the stretch marks to disappear , but you can at least make them less noticeable. Lavender oil is also one of the most used and known remedy for stretch marks. You need to apply three times a day on the stretch marks and it will make them less visible . It is very cheap and if applied properly , you will see some improvements to your skin.

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