Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Muffins with cheese

Treat yourself and your loved ones with delicious, soft and light savory muffins. Muffins with cheese are welcome in everyone's plate and are ideal for quick and irresistible breakfast or entertainment at home.

Here's how with just one recipe you can become an expert on making muffins that will be attracted by your guests to chop at least one more piece:


~ 3 eggs
~ 1 cup yogurt
~ ½ cup butter
~ 2 cups flour
~ 1 baking powder
~ 200 g cheese
~ ½ teaspoon salt
~ sesame


~ Toast 4-5 tablespoons sesame seeds over low heat and leave it aside.
~ In a bowl place the eggs and beat with a mixer. Gradually add the remaining ingredients in the following order: yogurt, butter, flour, baking powder, salt. Good mix.
~ Said amount of cheese grate it on the big side of the planer in a previously prepared mixture.
~ Fill the forms for muffins with the mixture and cover with sesame.
~ Bake at 200 ° C for half an hour.

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