Friday, July 29, 2016

Weekend Projects Under $20

These improvements may not cost a lot, but they'll make a big difference in how your home functions. Try one or more of these projects this weekend to make your home look and feel its best.

Creative bulletin board

Make a bulletin board from the drawer of an old dresser. Paint the drawer, then cut corkboard to fit the inside and glue in place. Cover with pretty paper. You'll have a place to pin favorite items as well as a new display shelf!

Sitting pretty

Doll up your desk with these fun jars. Use scallop-edge scissors to cut scrapbooking paper into strips. Tape the ends to form a cylinder that fits snugly inside the jar.

Clip-on pattern

A pair of $4 cloth napkins gains new purpose as cafe curtains when hung from a tension rod. Switch them out throughout the year for a quick refresh.

Rock bottom

Keep wet boots off hardwood floors with a shoe tray. Make your own with an inexpensive plastic serving tray lined with colorful glass beads or polished rocks.

Keys to success

Repurpose an old drawer for storage that's not out of sight. Screw cup hooks into the bottom of the drawer, then hang on the wall on a large sawtooth picture hanger.

Multishade photo display

Give photo mats a little flair with paint strips; they offer graduated shades of one color for a pretty ombre effect. Muted purples, for example, blend well with black-and-white scenes. Using double-sided tape, attach strips to mats. Trim to fit. For the narrow top and bottom borders, we cut out individual paint chips.

Tower of treats

Two old wine glasses and three pretty plates make for a display stand for sweets. Use Poster Putty to secure the glasses if you don't want this to be permanent.

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