Saturday, April 29, 2017

Impressive: Spectacular Cake That is a Copy of a Real Wedding Dress

Hundreds of hours of work, patience and excellent skills of a woman needed to make this wedding dress, but interesting is the fact that it will not be worn by any bride.

Wedding dress that leaves you breathless actually is a cake made by the skilled hands of Emma Jane, this sweet dress is copy of "Angela" of haute couture designer Mak Tumang.

Sweet pleasure was represented at the exhibition "Wedding Gowns Through the Decases", an international competition for cakes in London.

Take a look at the real dress:

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Mediterranean Paradise: a Peek at the New Luxury Hotel in Mykonos

The beauty of Mykonos is famous far and wide, and millions of tourists a year choose to vacation exactly on this Greek island.

New ultra luxurious hotel opened its doors to wealthy tourists this hot season will want to visit our southern neighbor. "Kensho Boutique Hotel & Suites" consists of 35 rooms / suites, decorated in a different style. The hotel is situated on the beach Ornos, and will be open until the end of October.

Take a look at it through the following images:

Friday, April 21, 2017

Kitten With a Different Eye Color is Instagram Star

Pam Pam cat will win you with a sweet look.

White pet with a different eye color has heterochromia, which causes abnormalities in the pupils, but this is exactly what makes it special. 

Take a look through the photographs of Pam Pam:

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tropical Mango Smoothie

This sweetness is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth…in a healthy way. That is always a bonus don’t you think?


~ 1 large mango diced and frozen
~ 1 banana frozen
~  1/2 cup of yogurt
~  1 cup of orange juice
~  6 ice cubes
~  If you want a creamy Mango smoothie just add either 1 cup of Vanilla Ice Creamor 1 cup 1/2 and 1/2


~ Blend the orange juice, yogurt and banana till well mixed. Next add the ice cubes and mango and continue blending till mango is mixed in. Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Irina Shayk Flashes Amazing Post Pregnancy Bikini Body, Just a Month After Childbirth

It's been less than a month since Irina Shayk welcomed her first baby with boyfriend Bradley Cooper, but that hasn't stopped the model from snapping back into her pre-pregnancy body!

The 31-year-old, who gave birth to a little girl last month, took to her Instagram page to share an incredible snap of her flawless figure. Stripped down to a tiny black bikini, the new mother proudly paraded her slender limbs and sculpted midriff while she relaxed on a lip-shaped floatie in a swimming pool.

"I think family is the reason why we are here. I love my job and it's very important to me; I really enjoy what I I'm doing, but it's not the most important thing in my life - family is, friends, people who I love," she told Hello! magazine last year. 
"My father was married to my mother for more than 20 years and, yes, definitely one day I want to have a family because that is the most important thing on this earth," she added.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Unbelievable Cinnamon Uses in the Garden

Probably you have used cinnamon in your kitchen in many different ways, but this spice is equally useful in your garden.

~ Tired of pulling wild mushrooms from your garden? Call cinnamon to the rescue! Sprinkle cinnamon around the places where those mushrooms pop up. It will definitely keep them in check.

~ Cinnamon is a wonderful deterrent for ants. They don’t like to walk anywhere near cinnamon, so it can be used it in your garden to keep ants out. Even use it in plants by your door to keep them from coming inside!
~ There are several fungal and other plant diseases that could easily cause your seedlings to fade away. So, do dust your soil with the fresh cinnamon powder to safeguard your seedlings from various diseases’ attacks.
~ Have you spotted any plants suffering from fungal diseases? If yes, then mix some cinnamon into warm water, and let it steep overnight. Sprain and pour it in a spray bottle. Spray your plants with this remedy. It does work!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Angelina Jolie 'spends $25 million' on Hollywood Estate

Angelina Jolie is putting permanent roots down in L.A. ... she about to become the proud owner of the historic Cecil B. DeMille Estate. 

The 6 bedroom, 10 bath pad was on the market for just shy of $25 million.

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