Friday, July 15, 2016

Hand Massage

When you often think of a stress releasing massage, we usually think of the head and shoulders as that’s mostly the place people store stress. But the Hands are the most commonly used part of the body, and need some love too.

Reflexology is a a style of massage that gets your body’s Chi or life energy flowing in the way it naturally should be. Reflexology includes the Hands, Feet and Ears with each set of appendages having a pressure point for each organ and part o the body. 
Whenever you are feeling tired burnt out or overly stressed. Step back and take a few minutes to give yourself a reliving and energy inducing massage in a few quick minutes. The key is to relax for how ever long you are able. Start with either your thumb a stick a golf ball a rock or even the round smooth edge of a table desk or something solid. Press into you your hand like your pressing into silly puddy slow solid and firm not to fast and jerky, slow and steady; smooth calm collected and relaxed. Your transferring positive relaxing energizing energy into yourself. Press and circle press and circle press and circle. If you feel tender spots your doing it correctly. When you feel the tender spots. Press and circle press and circle press and circle. Calm smooth easy.

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