Saturday, March 19, 2016

DIY Salt Hair Spray For Perfect Summer Hairstyle

There's no need to spend a dime on sea salt spray, because chances are, you have all of the ingredients to do it yourself lying around. The secret to our recipe? Rather than gel, which most recreations call for, we went with a pomade—you'll evade any crunch, leaving your locks free to flow in the summer breeze.


~ Bottle sprayer
~ One cup of hot water (250 ml)
~ 1-2 tablespoons of sea salt
~ 1 tablespoon of hair regenerator or coconut oil
~ 1 tablespoon hair gel (optional)


~ Add the hot water to the spray bottle.
~ Measure out and add the ingredients.
~ Shake it up.
~ Spray liberally to towel-dried hair.


    ~ Shake the bottle before each use;
    ~ Do not spray the roots if you want a larger volume;
    ~ It is best to apply the spray when your hair is semi-wet;
    ~ After finishing the application, leave your hair to dry naturally without using a hair dryer;
    ~ If your hair is straight, grasp screw into a bun or braided big loose braid;
    ~ Do not use spray too often, because salt can damage your hair;
    ~ Do not put gel if you want perfectly soft hair.

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