Thursday, March 3, 2016

"Bear Story": The short animated film that won an Oscar will not leave you indifferent

Family is everything. Without them we are just another drop in the ocean.   

That's the reason I love these short film so much. It shows the true meaning of a real family and what we are ready to do for them. Enjoy watching.

10-minute film shows bear out every day on the street and through a mechanical puppet show tells the sad story of her life.
The bear was separated from his wife and child, put behind bars and forced to work in the circus. Wanting to return to her family, the bear finds a way to escape from the people of the circus who was harassed and beaten.
Once he manage to escape, the bear heads to his home to be with loved ones.

Director Gabriel Osorio said that "Bear Story" is inspired by the true story of his grandfather, who was imprisoned in 1973 and separated from his family. "I tried to show the importance of the family to be together. The message is to try not to make the same mistakes of the past "- said Osorio.

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