Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Foods That Are Killing Your Metabolism

Keeping your metabolism in high gear works wonders on the way you feel and keeps you fit and trim. Avoiding foods that slow down your metabolism is just as important as eating foods that rev it up. These foods are classic culprits of a slower-than-desired metabolism.

Fruit juice

Did you know that some fruit juice has more sugar than some sodas? Most fruit juices are stuffed full of sugar, chemicals, food colorings and flavorings.

Canola Oil

Sounds healthy, doesn’t it?
Canola oil is a triumph of marketing over facts. It’s actually rapeseed oil (from the rapeseed plant), but was renamed for obvious reasons. Rapeseed oil is pretty disgusting stuff. In its natural state, it’s an ugly greenish color. It also has a high concentration of erucic acid, which may cause heart damage.

White flour

While white breads and pastas might taste better than whole wheat options, but that's because white flour is processed and stripped away of all the healthy benefits whole grains have to offer.

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