Sunday, April 2, 2017

Creative and Fun Easter Egg Decorating

Whether you like glitter, stenciling or you really do prefer the vinegar based dyes that you used when you were a kid, you are sure to find a decorating idea that you will love. Take a look at the different ways that you can make your eggs extra special this year. There is a decorating idea for every preference and many that may really blow your mind.

Black and White Easter Eggs

Black dye and white paint put together make beautiful and very elegant Easter eggs. If you have an inclination to do something really different, why not make all of your eggs black and white? You can stencil in different pictures or designs with white paint and the overall look is absolutely gorgeous.

Angry Birds Easter Fun

Got a young Angry Birds lover at home?  
To get started, simply pull out your handy paint set and get to work on creating your favorite oh-so-crotchety characters. And for families that are hoping to use their angry birdies for an Easter egg hunt — consider painting one egg completely gold for the ultimate grand prize!

Ombre Easter Eggs

If you want to use your dyed Easter eggs for decorating but you don’t want just plain dyed eggs sitting around, think Ombre. This gradual change in color hue is beautiful and will look great when displayed on a table or mantel. You will need to choose the color for your design and then just dye the eggs a bit darker as you go along.

Botanical Easter Eggs

These botanical Easter Eggs are lovely and they use real leaves and other greenery to make their design. While they are recommended for use with blown out eggs (taking out the inside prior to designing), you can use this design for those hard boiled eggs if you want to include these in your egg hunt. The process is really simple and you are left with eggs that really give a testament to nature.

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